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The Breckenridge Heritage Alliance (BHA) accepts donations of historical items relevant to Breckenridge, Colorado and associated with the local history of its people and businesses, government and civic organizations, industries (mining, railroad, lumber), built environment (ski area, roads, bridges) and natural environment (mountains, rivers, valleys).

Our collections are primarily used in our museums as part of exhibits and interpreted by guides. Due to limitations on museum exhibit and storage spaces, the BHA must be selective when accepting donations.

The BHA accepts the following historical items:

  • Victorian era clothing and accessories up to 1980s ski wear
  • 1800s to early 1900s furniture and items (glassware, porcelain vases, figurines)
  • 1800s to mid 1900s tools and equipment (mining, railroad, sawmill, ski)


The focus of the Archives is on preserving rare and unique archival material that are useful for historical and administrative research and relevant to Breckenridge, Colorado. The Archives, on behalf of the Breckenridge Heritage Alliance (BHA), may on a case-by case basis also accept archival material to include the greater Summit County, Colorado region.

Items with copyright restrictions or copies in place of original material (including copy prints, photocopies, scans, digital images of original photographs, copy negatives, and transcriptions of published items or audio recordings) are not accepted. Exceptions may apply.

Listed below are types of archival material that are often valuable to a researcher:

  • Photographs (with subjects and locations identified)
  • Letters and Diaries (first-person accounts)
  • Personal Papers (relating to an individual’s civic, business, religious, political, and social activities)
  • Government, Church, and Business Records (minutes/reports)
  • Maps and Blueprints (originals, not copies)
  • Serials and Periodicals (we generally do not take publications that are widely available elsewhere)
  • Ephemera (brochures, postcards, valentines, tickets, award ribbons, trail maps, posters)
  • Film, Video, and Audio Recordings (with identifying information)
  • Born Digital Photographs (Donor is the original photographer)

The BHA must be selective when accepting donations of historical items and archival material, due to limited exhibition and storage space. To help us make these difficult decisions, please provide us with detailed information (and images, if available).

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