Historic District

Breckenridge’s National Register Historic District was formed in 1980 and is one of the largest in the state of Colorado. The Town of Breckenridge completed Cultural Resource Surveys for buildings and structures within the Historic District to assess the properties’ eligibility for individual listing in the National and State Registers, for local landmark designation, and whether or not they qualify for National Register listing as contributing resources.

Surveys include historical and architectural information for each building and structure. Surveyed properties are widely-dispersed throughout the Historic District, including addresses on Adams, French, Harris, High, Main and Ridge Streets; on Lincoln and Washington Avenues; and on Ski Hill Road. Properties are in the following historically platted additions and subdivisions: Abbett’s, Bartlett and Shock, Snider, Stiles, Valley Brook Cemetery, and Yingling and Mickles. The survey area comprises approximately 72 acres.

For general information on the Historic District or for permits to construct, remodel or alter any building within the Historic or Conservation District, visit the Town of Breckenridge Community Development Department ​website​ or call 970-453-3160 to speak with a planner.

For information on Historic District walking tours, museums and other historic sites open to the public, visit ​Breckenridge Heritage Alliance​.

SubdivisionBlockLotStreet AddressHistoric NameYear ConstructedResource Number
Abbett6-7206-208 N. RidgeAdamson House, Brown House, The Brown Hotel1880, 18985ST.130.10
Abbett1031-32200 S. RidgeHardy House18805ST.130.105
Abbett137213 S. RidgeNoble House19015ST.130.106
Abbett102A211 E. WashingtonNewcomb House, Abernathy House18825ST.130.107
Abbett1115-16115 S. FrenchHouse18885ST.130.108
Abbett1015-16208 E. AdamsEvans House18985ST.130.115
Abbett36108 N. FrenchMairs House18885ST.130.116
Abbett35110 N. FrenchJ.A. Turner House18885ST.130.117
Abbett33-4112 N. FrenchCasey House18855ST.130.118
Abbett31-2114 N. FrenchTiller House19075ST.130.119
Abbett19-12300 N. FrenchAdams House18955ST.130.120
Abbett43-5102 S. FrenchStevenson House; Evans House18865ST.130.121
Abbett46104 S. FrenchN/A19915ST.130.122
Abbett115105 S. FrenchNorge Laundry19675ST.130.123
Abbett47-8106 S. FrenchHowe House18985ST.130.124
Abbett117-8107 S. FrenchYork House18975ST.130.125
Abbett119107 1/2 S. FrenchCrispell House19825ST.130.126
Abbett413112 S. FrenchCharles Levy House19035ST.130.127
Abbett51200 S. FrenchN/A19835ST.130.128
Abbett53202 S. FrenchAbbett House18855ST.130.129
Abbett103-5203 S. FrenchCammett House18825ST.130.130
Abbett55-6204 S. FrenchHolmes House18855ST.130.131
Abbett10205 S. FrenchThomas House19155ST.130.132
Abbett57-8206 S. FrenchSpencer House18825ST.130.133
Abbett93-6303 S. FrenchZiegler House; Robinson House19005ST.130.134
Abbett96-10307 S. FrenchSutton-Keables House; Summit County Hospital18835ST.130.135
Abbett911-13311 S. FrenchHarris House19735ST.130.136
Abbett409-411, 411 1/2 S. FrenchN/A19835ST.130.137
Abbett111213 E. LincolnWalker Cottage18805ST.130.138
Abbett8-9212 N. RidgeRoby House18835ST.130.139
Abbett613-14312 S. FrenchMcDougall House19025ST.130.14
Abbett11-12214 N. RidgeA.S. Hall House18805ST.130.140
Abbett925-26306 S. RidgeNewton House, Harris House, Howard House18815ST.130.142
Abbett920-22308-310 S. RidgeTrollhagen Condominiums19665ST.130.143
Abbett917-19314 S. RidgeHallen House19025ST.130.144
Abbett829-32400 S. RidgeTonopah Placers Company Superintendent's House19155ST.130.145
Abbett158-9407 S. RidgeEcklund House18825ST.130.146
Abbett415-16300 E. WashingtonSearle House18855ST.130.148
Abbett914-16315 S. FrenchGroll Apartments19665ST.130.149
Abbett18-19111 N. RidgeCarter Museum18755ST.130.2
Abbett112-4211 LincolnWalker House1880-18815ST.130.22
Abbett41-2100 S. French18815ST.130.3
Abbett1130-32100 S. RidgeBank of Breckenridge / Engle Bros. Exchange Bank18815ST.130.4
Abbett5206 N. RidgeHoopes Cottage18805ST.130.44
Abbett11-12213 N. RidgePorter House1880-18815ST.130.45
Abbett1106 N. RidgeForsythe House19025ST.130.47
Abbett2108 N. RidgeThomas House19025ST.130.48
Abbett5E1/2 1-4305-307 E. WashingtonPaden / Bradley Cabin19125ST.130.49
Abbett1126-27110 S. RidgeLewis F. Hilliard House1880-18815ST.130.60
Abbett1124-25112 S. RidgeGeorge Bressler House18825ST.130.61
Abbett1122-23118 S. RidgeN/A1981-19825ST.130.62
Abbett1118-20126 S. RidgeCarl Kaiser House19175ST.130.63
Abbett1117-18 S1/2130 S. RidgeChrist Kaiser House18855ST.130.64
Abbett123-4113 S. RidgeBreckenridge Lands Building19615ST.130.65
Abbett1121 S. RidgeShamus O'Toole's Roadhouse Saloon, Cow Palace19685ST.130.66
Abbett2127 S. RidgeRobert H. Whyte House18895ST.130.67
Abbett2110 E. WashingtonFuqua Livery Stable18805ST.130.68
Abbett1110-15109 S. FrenchSt. Mary's Church18815ST.130.7
Abbett1129106 S. RidgeColorado House1880-18815ST.130.76
Abbett131-3201 S. RidgeMcAdoo House18805ST.130.79
Abbett2114 E. WashingtonRandall Barn19025ST.130.201
Bartlett & Shock70201-203 N. MainDaniels Building1973-1974; 1914 (Barn)5ST.130.152
Bartlett & Shock29-36208 LincolnSummit County Courthouse1909-19105ST.130.21
Bartlett & Shock81-82103 N. MainHerman Strauss Saloon et. al.1881; 1905 (combined 1911)5ST.130.23
Bartlett & Shock79105 N. MainSpringmeyer Building18835ST.130.24
Bartlett & Shock77109 N. MainJournal Building18835ST.130.25
Bartlett & Shock77111 N. MainFincher House18905ST.130.26
Bartlett & Shock53114 N. MainClark Building18805ST.130.27
Bartlett & Shock75115 N. MainPollock House / Clerk & Recorder's Office18625ST.130.28
Bartlett & Shock54116 N. MainTorkington House18865ST.130.29
Bartlett & Shock69207 N. MainO.K. Gaymon House18985ST.130.30
Bartlett & Shock58208 N. MainStuard Building18905ST.130.31
Bartlett & Shock59210 N. MainBrooks Bungalow19165ST.130.32
Bartlett & Shock300 N. MainSilverthorn House18805ST.130.33
Bartlett & Shock8117 S. MainBreckenridge Town Hall19415ST.130.50
Bartlett & Shock9121 S. MainJ.A. Turk and Company18805ST.130.51
Bartlett & Shock10123 S. MainThe Bates Building18805ST.130.52
Bartlett & Shock16 N1/2; 17-20100 S. MainN/A19805ST.130.53
Bartlett & Shock11 W1/2124 S. MainN/A19835ST.130.54
Bartlett & Shock1101 S. MainJ.B Roby's Store, George B. Watson's Clothing and Gent's Furnishings Store18835ST.130.5
Bartlett & Shock1 S1/2 - 2 N1/2103 S. MainEvans' Pharmacy, The Coltman Pharmacy19135ST.130.70
Bartlett & Shock21109 E. LincolnN/A19645ST.130.71
Bartlett & Shock2 S1/2105 S. MainN/A19815ST.130.72
Bartlett & Shock2-5109 S. MainN/A19795ST.130.73
Bartlett & Shock7115 S. MainBruch's Barbershop and Store18865ST.130.74
Bartlett & Shock14114 S. MainMountain States Telephone Building19405ST.130.75
Bartlett & Shock41112 (114) E. LincolnBlue Front Bakery and Grocery18805ST.130.77
Bartlett & Shock78107 N. MainChinese Laundry18625ST.130.8
Bartlett & Shock13120 S. MainCharles A. Finding Hardware Store18855ST.130.9
Jordan Camp1310 WellingtonMethodist Episcopal Church18805ST.130.13
Snider21-3111 E. WashingtonBarney Ford House18805ST.130.12
Snider25319 N. FrenchMurchie Harris House19405ST.130.20
Snider1301-1 N. MainReeder House18815ST.130.34
Snider1301 N. MainGoodier House19045ST.130.35
Snider2-3303-303 1/2 N. MainWilliams House18815ST.130.36
Snider19-20308 N. MainDewers House18885ST.130.37
Snider6309 N. MainO.K. Gaymon Cabin19145ST.130.38
Snider16318 N. MainMarvel House18995ST.130.39
Snider15320 N. MainSwisher Cabin18905ST.130.40
Snider15322 N. MainLooney House18985ST.130.41
Snider14324 1/2 N. MainSchatz Cabin19545ST.130.43
Stiles39-10320 S. MainPrudential Court19935ST.130.100
Stiles311322 S. MainWilloughby House18805ST.130.101
Stiles312-13324 S. MainCottonwood Court19935ST.130.102
Stiles314-15326 S. MainGoodier Cabin18925ST.130.103
Stiles315-16330 S. MainBradley Cabin18805ST.130.104
Stiles12126 S. MainFall and Darnell Assay Office1885 or 18865ST.130.55
Stiles12128 S. MainN/A19565ST.130.56
Stiles13130 S. MainWhitehead Building / Arcade Hotel18925ST.130.57
Stiles14 N1/2132 S. MainSumner's Grocery19015ST.130.58
Stiles14-5136 S. MainArbogast Building / Breckenridge Masonic Lodge No. 47, A. F. & A. M.18925ST.130.59
Stiles47203 S. MainStruve / Taylor Building1971, 19725ST.130.80
Stiles75-8211-215 S. MainBunchman Building1984, 19855ST.130.81
Stiles79-10221 S. MainF.C. Cramer House18985ST.130.82
Stiles711-13225 S. MainMcKelvy House18985ST.130.83
Stiles714229 S. MainFoote House19095ST.130.84
Stiles714-1610 AdamsAdams Street Café19755ST.130.85
Stiles61-4301 S. MainBank of Breckenridge Building19755ST.130.86
Stiles62-4303 S. MainKnorr House18985ST.130.87
Stiles65-6309 S. MainM. D. Miller House, Milton Huntress House18805ST.130.88
Stiles52204 S. MainW.H. McDonald House18985ST.130.89
Stiles26216 S. MainHirsch Retail Building19875ST.130.90
Stiles26220 S. MainBarney Ford Plaza20015ST.130.91
Stiles29-10222 S. MainLong Retail Building19815ST.130.92
Stiles212-13226 S. MainC.J. Enterlein House18985ST.130.94
Stiles215-16232 S. MainH.H. Vogan House18985ST.130.95
Stiles31-2300 S. MainFord House; Pehrson House18815ST.130.96
Stiles33-4304 S. MainPehrson House1899; 19095ST.130.97
Stiles35-7306 S. MainLinquist House1891-18925ST.130.98
Stiles38-9318 S. MainHoopes House18805ST.130.99
Valley Brook CemetaryValley Brook CemeterySexton's House19015ST.884A
Yingling & Mickles21-9103 S. HarrisBreckenridge Schoolhouse, Colorado Mountain College Building1908-1909; 19215ST.130.1
Yingling & Mickles14314 Lincoln / 103 N. HarrisThompson House1908-19095ST.130.113
Yingling & Mickles107A110 S. HighRoby House18825ST.130.155
Yingling & Mickles63206 S. HarrisWahlstrom House18965ST.130.157
Yingling & Mickles71100 S. HarrisFletcher House18855ST.130.158
Yingling & Mickles77112 S. HarrisEnyeart House19495ST.130.159
Yingling & Mickles81-2104 N. HarrisWilliam Harrison Briggle House18965ST.130.160
Yingling & Mickles83-4100-102 N. HarrisMcNamara House, Milne House18805ST.130.161
Yingling & MicklesAdamsPurbaugh Barn19095ST.130.16
Yingling & Mickles74106 S. HarrisThe Pastor's House18825ST.130.166
Yingling & Mickles75108 S. HarrisBernatchie House18945ST.130.167
Yingling & Mickles76110 S. HarrisStouffer House, Davenport House18985ST.130.168
Yingling & Mickles31201 S. Harris / 313 WashingtonMickles House, Holmes House, Scott House18815ST.130.169
Yingling & Mickles61A200 S. HarrisBrand House (possibly)19105ST.130.170
Yingling & Mickles32203 S. HarrisBrower House19645ST.130.171
Yingling & Mickles62204 S. HarrisAllen House, Burger House1885; 18905ST.130.172
Yingling & Mickles64208 S. HarrisRuffe House18925ST.130.174
Yingling & Mickles35209 S. HarrisN/A19955ST.130.175
Yingling & Mickles65210-212 S. HarrisJones House, Player House18835ST.130.176
Yingling & Mickles36211 S. HarrisJackson House19155ST.130.177
Yingling & Mickles616A413 WashingtonBlundell House, Huntington House19095ST.130.179
Yingling & Mickles615A203-203 1/2 S. HighTerrill House, Swanson House18835ST.130.180
Yingling & Mickles69215 S. HighMiars House, Otterson House18825ST.130.181
Yingling & Mickles101-2102 S. HighDuncan House, Condon House19025ST.130.182
Yingling & Mickles10A104 S. HighNoble House, Jackman House, Stacey House18815ST.130.183
Yingling & Mickles713107 S. HighHopkins House19775ST.130.184
Yingling & Mickles712109 S. HighErdman House19755ST.130.185
Yingling & Mickles105108 S. HighMcKenna House18925ST.130.186
Yingling & Mickles11B200 S. HighFrancis House19835ST.130.187
Yingling & Mickles115212 S. HighGreen House19075ST.130.189
Yingling & Mickles94100 N. HighNashold House, Forman House, Otterson House1881; 19015ST.130.6
Snider29A317 N. FrenchTurnbull House / Rich House19405ST.130.19
Stiles29-10224 S. MainReliance Place19865ST.130.93
Valley Brook CemeteryValley Brook CemeteryValley Brook Cemetery18825ST.884B
WeisshornN/AA106 N. HarrisWedding House, Herkert House, Jones House18935ST.130.111
Abbett101A201 S. French / 213 E WashingtonN/A20105ST.130.147
Yingling & Mickles11310 LincolnEvans House, Palmer House19075ST.130.156
Yingling & Mickles15105 N. HarrisEnyeart House (probably)18855ST.130.162
Yingling & Mickles12-3312 LincolnEvans House19085ST.130.164
AbbettN/AN/A209 S. Harris, rear lotKlack Placer Cabin18785ST.130.165
Harris Street GroupN/AA205 S. HarrisHarris Street Condominiums19735ST.130.173
Fest & Castleman15A103 S. HighThompson Cabin19175ST.130.178
South High StreetN/A3A208 S. HighKistler House, Jones House, Heckman House, George House18985ST.130.188
Adams Ridge106 E. AdamsEnyeart HouseUnknown5ST.130.190
302-304 S. HighFalcon Condominiums, High Street Condominiums19685ST.130.191
Bartlett & Shock42-45110 E. LincolnNorway Haus Building19685ST.130.192
Bartlett & Shock55-56200 N. MainWeber Building / Weber’s Restaurant19805ST.130.193
Nethaway1400 S. MainSayres House, Potter House, Bradley House19095ST.130.194
Abbett16201 N. RidgeMcGinnis Building19625ST.130.195
Abbett2133 S. RidgeReibold Cabin, Shumacker Cabin, Quandary Antiques Cabin19525ST.130.196
Abbett1019-20224 S. RidgeAmerine House5ST.130.198
Abbett29-32300 S. RidgeNicholls House1953, 1973-19745ST.130.199
Bartlett & Shock1107 Ski HillTrygve Berge Ski ShopPre-19765ST.130.200
Stiles217-18117 E. WashingtonE. J. Gill Tin Shop18995ST.130.202
Abbett1031-32205 E. WashingtonMesserich House19105ST.130.203

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