Processing Fees

Processing Fees generated through the Dr. Sandra F. Mather Archives are used to supplement basic collections care, research, processing, cataloging, digitization and digital preservation activities. All fees are in U.S. dollars and must be paid in advance before work will proceed. Every effort will be made to complete a digitization request in a timely manner. Be advised that staff may not be able to provide immediate assistance due to work orders or other Archives activities.

Persons interested in publishing Archives images or files in any media must complete a Permission to Publish form. The Archives reserves the right to refuse any request for the reproduction of images or files that are not held in the public domain.

Digital Images – Historic Photographs

If you require a specific resolution or file type, please consult with the archivist.

600 dpi, JPEG $15 per image
Specific format $20 per image

PDF Digital Files – Documents (Text-Only)

PDF scans of text-only documents up to 11×17 inches. No book or manuscript may be scanned in its entirety.

Up to 11 x 17 inches $.75 per scanned page
Bound Volumes $1 per scanned page

Photocopies – Documents (Text-Only)

Photocopies are intended for research use only. All photocopying of text-only documents is administered by the Archivist.

8.5 x 10 (letter) $.50 per page
8.5 x 14 (legal) $.75 per page

Maps and Oversize Documents

Reproductions of maps, oversize documents and historic photographs (11 x 17 inches or larger) are not available at this time. Please consult with the Archivist for options.

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